New York Broadway Show

139New York, the city of dreams, has something for each and everybody coming to visit the American metropolitan. When it comes to entertainment, the city is full of options for the tourists, be it the Multiplexes, amusement parks, adventure rides, circuses or the Broadway theaters. People looking to get the feel of the illustrious history of NYC have a perfect avenue in the form of the famed Broadway theaters of New York. To choose the best New York Tours for a trip to the city, the tourists should find out whether a trip to the famous Broadway theaters is part of the tour or not.

If seeing New York Broadway Shows is on your ‘To Do list’, then all you need is to head towards the Broadway theater district located near Manhattan and Times Square. There are several old and historic theaters in this theater district of Broadway. One of the most popular theaters is the Palace theater, situated at 1564, Broadway. Opened in 1913, the Palace Theater has a legendary status among the vaudeville performers during its prime years. The tickets in this theater were the most sought after not just in New York, but in the entire United States of America.

Another of the famous theaters in NYC is the Ambassador Theater, located at 219 West 49th Street, between Broadway and 8th Avenue. Designed by Herbert J. Krapp, the structure has a unique architecture with its primary feature being that it is designed diagonally on the available land. This was done in order to gain greater space and to accommodate maximum number of viewers per show. Opened for public in 1921, this theater is a designated New York City landmark.


A great place to catch up one of the famed New York Broadway Shows is the modern theater, Foxwoods. Situated at 213 West 42nd street, the Foxwoods attracts a large number of theater-goers due to the best facilities it provides to them. The theater was started in 1997 to fill the need of a modern theater in Broadway, which also has the elegance and old world charm of the early 20th century Broadway theaters. The theater boasts of beautiful interiors, greater seat capacity and a large stage.

Apart from these three theaters, there are a number of other worth watching theaters in the New York City, the prominent being Gershwin theater, Winter Garden, Lyceum and Imperial theater. A good way for the tourists to see the popular Broadway theaters is by well organized New York Tours.

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