Lance Moss, a Whiteclay grocery store owner who does not sell

Some people wandered along the side of the main highway through town, Nebraska Highway 87 canadagoose-jackets-online Cheap Canada Goose, which leads into the reservation Canada Goose Outlet, past 1970s era federal housing, decrepit mobile homes and abandoned cars.Lance Moss, a Whiteclay grocery store owner who does not sell alcohol, said he didn’t know if the town would change substantially if the beer stores were sold. Moss said some regular visitors might congregate in Whiteclay and buy beer from bootleggers.”Obviously, all the beer that’s sold in Whiteclay is going to get sold someplace else,” he said.The Nebraska Liquor Control Commission is set to meet March 7 to discuss the stores’ liquor licenses amid complaints that the village lacks adequate law enforcement. Last month, the local county board with jurisdiction over Whiteclay recommended that the state renew the licenses, partially amid concerns that closing the stores would lead to an increase of intoxicated drivers in Nebraska.Representatives of two of the Whiteclay beer stores Canada Goose Sale, Stateline Liquor and Arrowhead Inn, declined to comment because of their pending cases before the liquor commission.

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