The choicesBeyond physics laboratories

We determined incident cases of dementia by using information from the eight year follow up visit (T8), indicating any new occurrence of dementia after baseline (T5).CovariatesIn addition to age and sex, which are risk factors both for benzodiazepine use and for dementia, the covariates used for adjustment at the baseline for this study (T5) included factors considered to be associated with both benzodiazepine use and risk of dementia32 33: educational level (schooling duration 7 years v v no consumption), existence of diabetes mellitus or high blood pressure (defined according to patients’ use of antidiabetic agents or antihypertensive drugs at study baseline (T5)), use of statins, use of platelet inhibitors or oral anticoagulants, and cognitive decline. For cognitive decline, three different tests were considered: the mini mental state examination,34 the Benton visual retention test,35 and the Isaacs set test.36 For these three tests, we considered the difference between the scores obtained at T3 and at T0 (inclusion in the PAQUID study) as a quantitative variable. Depressive symptoms were assessed by using the Center for Epidemiologic Studies depression scale,37 categorised according to the threshold validated for the French population with a cut off score of 17 for men and 23 for women,38 defining the presence of significant depressive symptoms.Statistical analysisCohort, main analysisWe compared take on cheat generic pills without a doctor – the characteristics of new users of benzodiazepines with those of non users by using numbers and percentages for qualitative variables and median and interquartile range for quantitative variables.

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